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Moving around can get quite difficult at times, especially when you live in a busy city in Lagos and have something really big or heavy to move. From getting the truck and negotiating the deal, not everyone find it an easy task and TruQ was set up for this purpose.

In less than a year of launching, the logistics tech company is gradually showing itself to be the Uber for moving loads around. One can easily access the platform and locate an available truck to come move loads, just like you do with Uber and Taxify.

So, “even if you can go to the vehicle park to get a sizeable truck to move your things, and negotiate the price, why would you want to do that when you can easily use the TruQ platform, get it done and at a better price without breaking a sweat?” co-founder and CEO TruQ, Williams Fatayo asks during the Nairametrics Business Half Hour show.

How it started

The start of TruQ (pronounced truck) can be traced back to July 2019 when Foluso Ojo and Williams Fatayo (now co-founders) decided to move a wardrobe from Lekki down to Berger on the mainland. Fatayo remembers that they spent four days before getting a vehicle and moving it down.

“After that experience, we felt it could not have been peculiar to us alone, so we did a targeted survey and discovered that so many other businesses had experienced same. About 373 said they had experienced it at least twice a month, while other 127 experienced it once a month or thereabout. That marked the beginning of the TruQ journey,” Fatayo said.